Perfect Workout Routines

Your Guide To The Perfect Workout Routines

Mary McGovern

According to various reports of World Health Organization, a number of diseases sprouting out of obesity and increased weight conditions is increasing with every passing year. More and more reliance on machines (leading to lack of physical activity) and increased use of junk food has lead to imbalance in body-weight. Almost 1 in 4 individuals in developing countries have fallen prey to obesity and this ratio is feared to increase in the near future. For this reason, health experts and physicians recommend a daily workout part of our routines. Using the best exercise routines, it is actually possible to keep our body weight in a balanced state and thus lead a healthy life. This post is all about those healthy workout routines.

Physical workouts can be of two kinds. One meant for shaping muscles and toning up body figure and second to loosen up weight and bring body shape back to normal shape and size. The former would be meant only for sportsmen but the later one is mandatory for almost every human being. It is to be remembered that t extra amount of calories we take in gets deposited in the body (mostly in adipose tissues). This deposited fat is the cause of increase in body weight. The increased body weight in turn leads to a number of different diseases. Thus, it is essential to figure out the best exercise routines which can help you stay fit and agile.

An ideal exercise routines would include jogging and gym exercise on alternate day. If you’re able to burn around 500 calories a day, you’re doing a real good job. This can be achieved through a 40 minutes jogging or 30 minutes gym workout. Doing both these activities on the same day would leave you drained out and fatigued. Thus, carrying on these two things on alternate days would do good to you. Moreover, if you can add activities like swimming and cycling on weekends, it would prove additional calorie burn for you.

The bottom line of all the exercise routines is to burn more number of calories than you are consuming. The deficit thus created would lead to loss in your weight which is your ultimate goal. Remember the old axiom, ‘Shorter the belt, longer the life’ and keep working on this principle. You’ll surely end up being healthy, fit and agile in your life.

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